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Your Imagination Sparkles

When a customer asks "Can you make this for me?" the answer is, "Yes!"

Whether your tastes are traditional, deco, modern, or strictly your own, Wade’s Jewelers can design and create a ring, bracelet, pendant or brooch to your specifications and will make the original jewelry using Wade’s gemstones and precious metals, or using your old or scrap jewelry as a part of the content.

Wade’s Jewelers also specializes in redesigning idle and old jewelry into modern pieces suitable for today. We can convert those heirlooms into functional jewelry with a modern flair, and expand your jewelry wardrobe at a modest cost.

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Our Craftsmen

The craftsmen at Wade’s Jewelers are eager to work with you on an original design. The custom design process begins with a meeting with one of our designers. Depending on your requirements, the original drawings will be done by hand or using the latest technology in Computer Aided Design. At each step, and in consultation with you, your visions of color and gem placement are translated into the sweeps and curves of your personal creation. Our exceptional attention to detail and demand for masterful workmanship in fabrication and stone setting will produce a distinctive original piece that will say to all who see it, that you are truly different from all other women.

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