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Frequently Asked Questions

Wades Jewelers has compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions by customers. To make answering your question easier, we have broken out our FAQ’s by the following:


What kind of jewelry do you sell at Wades Jewelers?
We have a selection of jewelry to meet any customers budget.
How long will my repair take?
Most repairs will take about a week or longer, but if needed quicker, Wades will accommodate.
How often should I get my jewelry cleaned and inspected?
We recommend that you bring your jewelry to us to clean and check every six months. This is a free service that we offer to our customers.
What are the stores hours of operation?
Our business hours are: Monday-Friday 9-6 Saturday 9-4
Do you have any financing options?
We have several financing options, please inquire.
Do you appraise jewelry and how long does it take?
Yes we appraise jewelry and the time that we have it can depend on the schedule of appraiser which can range from one day to a week. We usually are not able to do appraisals while you wait because of the time and attention a piece of jewelry requires from cleaning to inspecting.
Can you give me a free estimate of what my jewelry is worth?
In order for us to give our customers an accurate estimate of his or her item’s worth, we require a thorough study of each piece. Therefore we are not able to give customers an “estimate” without a complete appraisal of each piece.
Do I have to leave my jewelry there overnight for an appraisal?
Yes, usually you will need to leave the piece of jewelry overnight with us.
Why should I buy my diamond from you instead of online?
At Wades we will sit down with you one-on-one and educate you on diamond value and quality. You will have the opportunity to select from several diamonds that you can compare side by side. Online shopping requires you to trust a certificate which is not always an accurate depiction of the diamond.
Do you buy gold, silver and coins?
Yes, we do buy gold, silver and coins and our pricing is among the most competitive in the area.
Do I need an appointment to get an appraisal done?
No, but it does not hurt to call ahead in order to find out the time frame of the appraiser.


Can I purchase my diamond separate from the mounting?
Can I look at a diamond under the microscope?
Yes. At Wades we will sit down with you and allow you to view your diamond or compare diamonds for yourself.
Where do you order your diamonds from?
We have built relationships throughout the years with numerous suppliers. Having long-standing relationships with many suppliers allows us to provide our customers with the best selection of diamonds for his or her money.
Are the diamonds you sell blood diamonds?
All of our diamond suppliers are in full compliance with the Kimberley Process.
What if I bring in my own, can you set it?
In most cases we will be able to set your loose diamond.
Will you sell a mounting without a diamond?
What is safer four or six prongs?
The vast majority of times in which a person loses her diamond it is due to long term wear on the prongs of the setting. Neither four or six prong settings are immune to this prong wear. For this reason we suggest you bring your ring in annually for a free clean and check.
What do you recommend platinum or gold?
Both platinum and gold are precious metals. They both have their strengths and weaknesses which any of our salespeople will be happy to discuss with you.
Why is platinum more than gold?
The price of platinum is due to the limited supply of the metal. Platinum is 30 times more rare than gold. Another thing to consider is that a 14k gold ring is only 58% gold, the rest are less expensive metals. A piece of platinum jewelry is at least 90% platinum.
Are all of your diamonds GIA certified?
No, some are GIA certified, EGL certified, AGS certified, and non-certified.


Can I bring in a design and have you make it?
In most cases we are able to take your ideas and design a custom piece of jewelry for you.
What if I see a picture of something I like in a magazine, can you make it?
Using the latest CAD/CAM technology available in the industry we are able to design pieces from any image a customer provides.
How long will my custom design take?
Anywhere from two weeks to six weeks depending on how complicated the design.
Do I need to make an appointment for a custom design?
While we are usually ready to help you with a custom piece at any time it always helps us if you are able to make an appointment for custom work.
If I bring in an old piece of jewelry can you make something else?
Yes, we believe that jewelry is meant to be enjoyed. If you have old jewelry or loose stones we would love to incorporate your stones into a new piece for you to enjoy.
What if I have loose gem, can you do something with those?
Yes we can design a perfect setting for your loose gems.
Do you cut rough stones?
While we do not cut rough stones on site we would be happy to have them cut for you.


Do you restring pearls?
Yes we restring pearls on site.
How do you clean pearls?
Use a damp cloth to gently rub them.


How long will my repair take?
Most repairs will take about a week, however some repairs will take more time than that.
Do you repair my jewelry on site?
We have four full-time jewelers who will be able to handle every repair on site.
How can I insure the safety of my jewelry while it is in your care?
The security of our customers jewelry is a high priority. We are fully insured and your jewelry is kept in our vault.
Do you size rings?
Yes we size rings on site.
Can you replace watch batteries?
Yes we replace watch batteries, usually while you wait.
Do you repair watches?
We do minor repairs on most watches in house including replacing crystals, removing watch links, and changing batteries. We fully service the brands of watches we sell. We encourage you to bring in your watch for our watchmaker to diagnose the problem for you.
Do you repair clocks?
No, we do not work on clocks.